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RP5470, Flashing Attention light

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David Preston_4
Frequent Advisor

RP5470, Flashing Attention light

I can not seem to find the direction on how to look at the chassis error logs, the only instructions were on an A class and did not work.

You guys are great,
Thanks in advance.
Honored Contributor

Re: RP5470, Flashing Attention light

Logon to MP and choose sl, afterwards it is self explainatery. Once you read the messages attention light will go off.

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David Preston_4
Frequent Advisor

Re: RP5470, Flashing Attention light

THanks, that did it for me.

You're the best

Dani Seely
Valued Contributor

Re: RP5470, Flashing Attention light

Hey Dave,
The RP5470 is a member of the L class servers, and the information I've used to view the error log and clear the "Attn" light is below. If an event is logged, the Attn. light will flash on the front of the L1000 and L2000.

1. At the console, press [ctrl-b] to go to the GSP (Guardian Service Processor) prompt.
2. Press [enter] for login and password.
3. At the GSP> prompt, type sl and press [enter].
Note: The he command will list out all available commands.
4. Type e and press [enter] to select the Error log.
5. Type n and press [enter] for the filter.
6. You may press [enter] to see additional logs or type q and press [enter] to quit.
7. At the GSP> prompt, type co and press [enter] to return to the console mode.

Hope this helps.
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