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RP7400 Power up Query

Niall Bonnar
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RP7400 Power up Query

Wonder if someone can answer a question for me on the RP7400.
I have this unit...when plugged in and powered up, it powers up for a few seconds, then shuts off, leaving the blinking green light on the front beside the on switch. I'm not sure as to the reason, and was hoping someone might shed some light for me.

Forgive me, as I am no expert on the RP series servers.

Thanks for any help
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Re: RP7400 Power up Query

hi niall,

refer to page 125 onwards from this doc :


pls assign some points if this is helpful.
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Re: RP7400 Power up Query

try to remove power and then power on again, If it not solved by this see MP error messages. May be u need to re-fix/replace the cell, Better to contact HP Support.
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Re: RP7400 Power up Query


I need few clarification on this issue..

1)When was the last time system booted?
2)Have you made any H/W or S/W changes to the Server.
3)And also please Send the system event log from MP to analysize.

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Re: RP7400 Power up Query

Hi Naill

The problem that you mentioning is pointing to the Processor Support Module, Do you get any outpout on your terminal in the like of Low voltage DC fault ? If soo then you need to replace the Processor Support Module