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RP7410 cant boot

Occasional Advisor

RP7410 cant boot

From MP log

Appreciate if somebody could assist me in decoding the MP log error.

Alert Level 10: Lost functionallity; Keyword: IODISC_CC_RI_ERR
I/O system bus adapter 0; status 12
Logged by system firmware 4 during deconfiguration subActivity 21
Device Status: 0x0000000000050000

Alert Level 2: Non-urgent alert; Keyword: ERR_DNA_MHG_FEWPJ_LOC
Memory controller 38; status 2
Logged by system firmware 4 during deconfiguration subActivity dc
cell controller chip location: cabinet 0 cell 1
Device Status: 0x0000000000050000

alert 10
i/o local bus adapter 0 dissable device; status 12
cabinet 0 i/o bay 0 slot 5
slot 6,7,8

Thank you

Honored Contributor

Re: RP7410 cant boot

please see Event 1280 at:

Your particular error:
SBA not powered, or in reset

Check the internal cables, then call HP.

Your deconfigured message is detailed at Event 1284 at above location.

Please also read:
http://forums1.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/helptips.do?#33 on how to reward any useful answers given to your questions.

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