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Re: RP7410 disk NO_HW

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RP7410 disk NO_HW

Hello every1

As from the subject mention, I'm having trouble with a RP7410 server, A disk was faulty as it was showing NO_HW on ioscan. We had a engineer onsite to replace the disk, When a ioscan was involke it still came back as NO_HW. At a later date the server was rebooted as it might kick start the disk but that did not work. What could be wrong ? i'm hoping it would be down with the cable/terminator as this is a production box and it will take a long time to get downtime on it..

The path was removed and insf -e was involke but still came back as NO_HW

The engineer who took the supose faulty disk away tested it on another server and that came back as claim and tested fine.


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Re: RP7410 disk NO_HW

Hi William!!

The obvious thing to do would be to check the connectors for that drive. Pull it out, and inspect with a flashlight. You can use a lint free cloth, with some contact cleaner. I would suggest you power down the server, or at least that partition, before attempting it.


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Re: RP7410 disk NO_HW

Try a "diskinfo" against that disk - I think I remember this kind of issue, but unfortunately not the details - there was something with firmware or driver involved.

Hope this helps!

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Re: RP7410 disk NO_HW


first think i would have checked would be the colour of the leds on the disk? are they green as normal.

if the disks are ok, then it could either be the backplane, or termination. I would be personally inclined to check to see what lvm patches you have installed as well though.

what is the os version?

if its 11.23 for example then this patch was released some time ago for problems similar to yours. there may be one for 11.11 as well.


is there anything else in the syslog, roots mailbox from ems about this?