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RP7410 vs RP5470

Ngoh Chean Siung
Super Advisor

RP7410 vs RP5470

Currently my company have 1 unit of RP7410 & 1 RP5470 which same processors, memory and hard disk.

Q1) What is the main different between these 2 servers in term of hardware and software version? Or any special features?

Q2) How to find out the speed of CPU, hard disk (rpm), memory and etc?

Q3) What is the max processors that a server hv? Can a server consists of different speed of processors?

Q4) What is the different between IDE slot and SCSI?

bhavin asokan
Honored Contributor

Re: RP7410 vs RP5470

for 1 ,2 and 3 questions,
the servers are different in terms of supporting processors( PA8700 , ),its speed,max memory it can handle, max size of hdd it can handle,which type (32 or 64 bit)unix it will support.

see the following link for rp7410 server specification


you can see the os support information in the installation & update guides available at docs.hp.com




and for rp5470 server



you can click on the links inside for more information.

Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: RP7410 vs RP5470


1. RP7410s are cellbased servers. It means you can 'hard-partition' the system. RP7410 allows upto two partitions. Look at the following documents for the differences. RP5470 is an entry level system whereas RP7410 is at mid level.


2. Since you added 'etc' to your inventory list, I suggest you try any the following

a. /opt/ignite/bin/print_manifest
b. cfg2html from cfg2html.com
c. SysInfo (Search forums for it's sources)

3. It depends. For ex., RP7410 can take upto 8 processors whereas RP5470 is limited to only 4 processors. With the latest dual-processor technology (PA8800) each cpuboard will have two CPUs effectively doubling the CPU capacity on the systems.

4. They are two different types of interfaces. I suggest the following article. It also gives the speeds and various sub-categories under these two types.


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bhavin asokan
Honored Contributor

Re: RP7410 vs RP5470

Alastair Donaldson
Frequent Advisor

Re: RP7410 vs RP5470

The minimum OS for the rp5470 is HP-UX 11.0 while the rp7410 is HP-UX 11.11 both are PCI based machines, however the rp7410 is a cell based system. It can have 1 or 2 cells and each cell can hold upto 4 processors. Cell based systems can be hardware partitioned (nPars).

The rp7410 can have a maximum of 2 nPars assuming that you have 2 cell boards and a Core I/O card for each board.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: RP7410 vs RP5470

We're studying a 2 npar 2 cell rp7420 to replace 2 rp5450's, which are similar to the rp5470.

The rp7420 series are available with 1 GHz PA-RISC processors.

A rp7420 is priced favorably when compared to the cost of a pair of rp5470 servers.

Steven E Protter
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