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RP8400 can not telnet


RP8400 can not telnet

Hi everyone,
One of our server, RP8400 can not telnet. After we check at the server, there are three LEDs that in OFF mode: Run, Fault, Remote. One LED, Attention is blinking. And LEDs for MP Present, Power and Standby Power is in ON MODE. On console itself, it shows MP prompt. I do not familiar with MP (or GSP) before this (because I still new here. Even HP Training I do not attend yet. Just use this forum to help myself). Can anyone of you tell me what is MP function? Is the MP function can cause the problem? How should I settle down this problem?

Thanks in advance
Honored Contributor

Re: RP8400 can not telnet

You might start by reading the Service Processor (=GSP and MP) User Manual:


(By the way, http://docs.hp.com is a great resource. In this particular case, select "Enterprise Servers, Workstations, System Hardware", then pick your server model. You can get all the publicly-available manuals that way.)

MP is "Management Processor", a type of a service processor. It collects hardware diagnostic information and allows remote console access and power control. The MP itself is always on whenever the server is receiving power.

When you see the MP> prompt, you're communicating with the Management Processor. To access the system console (or consoles, as a rp8400 can be partitioned at the hardware level to effectively become several separate servers with a common chassis and power supplies), you must use the CO command. To get back to the MP prompt, press Ctrl-B.

The interpretation of the LEDs:
Run OFF: The operating system is not running, i.e. the system has not completed start-up. Some actions are obviously needed.

Fault OFF: No critical hardware faults detected. Good, but not a conclusive proof of overall system health.

Remote OFF: nobody is currently accessing the MP remotely. That's "information only": not good nor bad.

Attention blinking: the MP's error log has one or more new entries that nobody has read yet. You should check the error log.

MP Present, Power and Standby Power ON: the server is receiving power (Standby Power), the power switch has been set to ON (Power) and has at least one MP installed (MP Present).

Type HE to the MP> prompt to view the MP's internal help.

Use the SL command (Show chassis Logs) to view the MP hardware diagnostic log. Select E for Error log in the next menu, then V (View Mode Select) and T (Text mode). Then just keep pressing Enter to see the log entries, two at a time. When in log browsing mode, H lists all the available keystrokes.

When you're done, press Ctrl-B to return to the MP main menu. Use the CL (Console Log) command to see any messages the main server (either firmware or the operating system) may have displayed.

With the information of these two logs, it should be possible to find out what has happened to the server.