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Recover file

Occasional Contributor

Recover file

Can somebody tell me what is exact command to recover a file from tape using frecover ?

Can I restore file to a different location or the original file on disk will be overwritten?

How can I get listing of files from tape?

Do I have to rewind the tape first if it old backup?

Please help.

aparna challagulla
Valued Contributor

Re: Recover file

hi Faiza,

To get the listing of files from tape

#frecover -f /dev/rmt/0m -xNv

To recover a file from a tape

#frecover -f /dev/rmt/0m -xv -i /sourcedir/filename

To restore a file to a different location i.e. relative to the current working directory

#frecover -f /dev/rmt/0m -xXv -i /sourcedir/filename

To rewind a tape

#mt -f /dev/rmt/0mn rew
Pl check frecover, fbackup manpage for details.

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Re: Recover file

Thank you very much aparna. Is it necessary to rewind the tape before recovering the file?

Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Recover file

By default the 'fbackup/frecover' command suite will rewind your tape before commencing. 'fbackup/frecover' does not allow more than one backup on a tape, like tar and cpio.
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