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Regrading RP8420 server npar issue


Regrading RP8420 server npar issue



One of our customer has  a rp8420 server , which has 3 npar. Recently customer want to change the number of npar from 3 to 2 for free up some resource and use the resource in another server.


If I do any modification in the partion sturcture( remove one partition and add the free cell board resource to the exising one partition) after taking necessary downtime, do the partiton is bootable ? Or is there any possibility to any data loss for the above mentioned partition modidification?


Find below for find out current par status o/p for understanding the scenario.



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Par              # of  # of I/O
Num Status       Cells Chassis  Core cell  Partition Name (first 30 chars)
=== ============ ===== ======== ========== ===============================
0   Active       1     1        cab0,cell0                             
1   Active       1     1        cab0,cell1                             
2   Active       1     1        cab0,cell2 

Waiting for valuable comments.

BR \\ Aungshu

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Re: Regrading RP8420 server npar issue

So, for example say you want to remove partition 2 and then add cell 2 to partition 0.


To remove par 2, you will need to shut it down and then perform a reset for reconfiguration to get the cell into a Boot Is Blocked state.  Do this by either using the -RH options with shutdown or reboot or by using the RR command from the MP.


Now, from partition 0 issue the parremove command.  This will free up cell 2.  Add cell 2 using the parmodify command on the partition you wish to add the cell to.


You will receive a message indicating that the partition will need to be rebooted using the -R option in order for the new cell to take affect (along with its attached I/O chassis).  You will not have to change anything regarding HP-UX as the OS will see the new hardware upon boot up and make it available.


The examples I give are obviously generic.  Use the man pages to determine the exact options, etc.



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Re: Regrading RP8420 server npar issue

Is there any possibility for the needed partition's OS is in unbootable state or any other data lose for the partion remove and expand activity?


It is needed beacuse customer's partion 0 is a business critical parition.



BR \\ Aungshu


Re: Regrading RP8420 server npar issue

Hi Aungshu,


as Bob described, you need to reboot the partition once, if you want to add a cell board to it. Adding a cell board cannot be done online. After the reboot you'll see the new resources at HP-UX. There should be no impact on the existing, kept OS as long as you have the same type of cells, they have the same FW, and the OS has needed drivers for any IO cards which were added with the new cell board. - E.g. cell 0 and 1 have IO attached to it; cell 2 may have IO attached to it, if a SEU is installed.


There is no impact at all on the other partition, where no changes are done.


Best would be if you provide a complete "parstatus" output from HP-UX, "sysrev" and "df -all -nc" from MP, and an exact description of which partition you want to delete and where you want to add the cell board to then.



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