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SCSI: Ultra160 Controller

MR Dorobantu Dragos
Frequent Advisor

SCSI: Ultra160 Controller

I have a 9000 with SCSI C1010 Ultra160 Wide LVD and a MSL 5060 connected to this server.

After any server reboot I got this message and all backups are made at lower write speed.

vmunix: SCSI: Ultra160 Controller at 0/9/0/0: Warning: Data transfer rate stepped down for target 1. Now operating at 5 MB/s (Slow N
arrow). Possible causes are improper termination, improper cabling, or malfunctioning hardware.

I will attach the whole log relativ to this problem.

I have the following patches on system:
# swlist | grep SCSI
PHKL_27003 1.0 SCSI IO Subsystem Cumulative Patch
PHKL_27024 1.0 SCSI Ultra160 Driver
PHKL_28216 1.0 SCSI Tape (stape) cumulative
PHKL_30509 1.0 SCSI Ultra160 Cumulative Patch
PHKL_32091 1.0 SCSI IO Subsystem Cumulative Patch
PHKL_32092 1.0 SCSI Ultra160 Cumulative Patch

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Re: SCSI: Ultra160 Controller

There are several reasons for SCSI lbolt errors. If it's stepping down the speed it could be the device connected it is forcing this speed. Also check whether you have any other device in the same bus which is having narrow interface (such as DVD rom).
Hope you already checked/replaced cable/terminator ..etc

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MR Dorobantu Dragos
Frequent Advisor

Re: SCSI: Ultra160 Controller

Thanks for response, I found the problem!
PDC was updated and all the info about SCSI was deleted!