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SD3200 , adding a new cell to a partition old icod issues

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SD3200 , adding a new cell to a partition old icod issues



We have and old SD3200, Because of our needs, we are removing a cell from a partition and adding it to another partition:


                        CPU     Memory                                Use
                        OK/     (GB)                          Core    On
Hardware   Actual       Deconf/ OK/                           Cell    Next Par
Location   Usage        Max     Deconf    Connected To        Capable Boot Num
========== ============ ======= ========= =================== ======= ==== ===
cab0,cell0 active core  4/0/4   14.0/ 0.0 cab0,bay1,chassis3  yes     yes  1
cab0,cell1 active base  4/0/4    2.0/ 0.0 -                   no      yes  1
cab0,cell2 active core  4/0/4    8.0/ 0.0 cab0,bay0,chassis3  yes     yes  3
cab0,cell3 active base  4/0/4   14.0/ 0.0 -                   no      yes  1
cab0,cell4 active core  4/0/4    8.0/ 2.0 cab0,bay0,chassis1  yes     yes  0
cab0,cell5 active core  4/0/4   12.0/ 0.0 cab8,bay0,chassis1  yes     yes  2
cab0,cell6 active base  4/0/4   10.0/ 0.0 cab0,bay1,chassis1  yes     yes  0
cab0,cell7 active base  4/0/4   10.0/ 0.0 cab8,bay0,chassis3  yes     yes  1


We are removing cell6(and it's iochassis) from partition 0 and adding it to partition 1


My concern is icod/icap related, both servers have hpux 11.11, with a very old icod version:


/> swlist -l bundle | grep -i icod
  B9073AA        B.05.00        HP-UX iCOD-purchase (Instant Capacity on Demand - purchase)


partition 0, has license for all the cpus in cell6:


root@partition0:/> icod_stat

Version:                   5.0
Contract type:             iCOD-purchase
License applied:           yes

Hostname:                  partition 0
DNS domain name:           partition 0
IP address:                ****
NIS domain name:           .
System model:              9000/800/SD32000
Serial number:             ****
Software ID:               ****

Contact name:              ****
Contact e-mail:            ****
Contact phone:             ***
From e-mail:               ***

Total processors:                              8
Active processors:                             8
Inactive processors that can be activated:     0
Inactive processors that cannot be activated:  0
Deconfigured processors:                       0
Requested active processors:                   8


Will I find any problem activating cpus on cell6, when I add cell 6 to partition 1 ??, I don't have support/contact nor nothing similar with HP anymore.


I would like to know how this old icod/license works, and if there is a way to now(before adding a cell to the partition) if it has icod/icap cpus.


Thanks in advanced

Windows?, no thanks
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Re: SD3200 , adding a new cell to a partition old icod issues

icod gave no problems, added the cell, the cpus where icod inactive, activated them with no problems with icod_modify -a 4

Windows?, no thanks