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SD32000 boot disk error,how to use the mirrored disk?

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stephen peng
Valued Contributor

SD32000 boot disk error,how to use the mirrored disk?

dear all,
i've got a SD32000's boot disk failed, but the mirror disk was ok. how can i use the mirrored disk as the boot disk? if i just boot the system using the mirrored disk, it seems ok, but i could not run make_tape_recovery ( and why?). so, what should i do is just to push the mirrored disk into the slot which the boot disk used to be in? or is there other os procedure to make the mirrored disk a new boot disk?

thanks a lot
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Re: SD32000 boot disk error,how to use the mirrored disk?

Did you boot from the mirrored disk?

Why make_tape_recovery???

This will create a backup!

Do you want to replace the failed disk?

Well, replace it and follow the steps from this doc:


pvchange ...
vgcfgrestore ...

and so on ...

Hope this helps!

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Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: SD32000 boot disk error,how to use the mirrored disk?


you still have one boot disk and only need to replace your original one, or what do you want to achieve?

when you booted from the mirror the setting in the AUTO file was "hpux -lq", i.e. it booted and activated vg00 without quorum with only 50 percent or less of the disks (1 of 2) in vg00.

Still the original disk is missing in vg00. and after reboot, most likely, disappeared from ioscan. That is why make_tape_recovery does not run.

Hence *IF* your intention is to create such a tape *now* (before you replace any disk) you have to remove the mirror using lvreduce for each lvol using -k option to specify the key for the non-existent original disk, then vgreduce -f vg00. Then vg00 will consist of only one disk and make_tape_recovery will run.

If you want to stay with the single boot disk setup you should run setboot -p to set the primary boot path to the remaining disk and edit /stand/bootconf