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SNMP-Config of GSP/MP


SNMP-Config of GSP/MP


I administer an L-Class L1500-7x and two ia64 rx4640 servers. The L-Class machine has an Guardian Service Processor and the both rx-servers have Management Processor Boards.

For all machines I get security alerts because of the standard SNMP configuration of the Lan-Console-Boards.

How can I modify the SNMP-Config of these GSP/MP-Boards? I.e. how to change the community string? How to restrict SNMP-access to distinct IP-addresses?

TIA - matthias
Zygmunt Krawczyk
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP-Config of GSP/MP

you can go to the ID command and disable SNMP settings


Re: SNMP-Config of GSP/MP

Thanks, but that's not what I meant.

Sure, with the "ID"-Command I can leave the SNMP-Fields for 'System Contact', 'System Location' and 'System Description' blank but that means in no way to disable SNMP as a whole.

In the initial state of GSM/MP-Board, these SNMP-Items, that you can modify with the ID-Command, *are* disabled, but you can request SNMP-Informations with the communitystring 'public' nonetheless - *everybody* can!

Exactly that's what I want to disable - i.e. disable the SNMP-Daemon totally, which is obviously running.