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Seagate Drive compatibility on HP9000s

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doris grady
Frequent Advisor

Seagate Drive compatibility on HP9000s

Hi, I have some Seagate 18gb drives pn ST318203LC and ST318275LCs that are installed
internally on several K580s. Will I have any compatibility probs with removing them and
installing them in various N4000s?
Honored Contributor

Re: Seagate Drive compatibility on HP9000s

Should be ok, I think. I just did a quick ioscan on one of our Ns and it shows ST318406LC drives internal. (Somewhere on Seagate's website, I found a decoder ring for their part numbers once upon a time. The 3 means it's low-profile 3" drive and the numbers up to the trailing letters after that indicate capacity in MB.)
Jeff Traigle
doris grady
Frequent Advisor

Re: Seagate Drive compatibility on HP9000s

Hi, I since sent out a correction...don't want to install them on N4000s but on rp2470s. Sorry! and Thanks for quick response.
Jeff Schussele
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Re: Seagate Drive compatibility on HP9000s

Hi Doris,

I checked my rp2470 & I'm running ST37345LC drives so I'd say you're good to go with yours.
As long as 18GB drives are big enough for you, I see no problem.
Keep in mind you'll have to come up with the proper drive carriers.

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Andrew Rutter
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Re: Seagate Drive compatibility on HP9000s


I've no doubt that these will work in the n4000's and the rp2470.

The one doubt that I do have that these are internal to the K580?

The internal disks are FWD in the K series not LVD like these disks. Also 68pin connection not SCA80 connection like the seagate ones you mention.

These drives are used in the Hass disk modules and SC10 disk enclosures though, are you sure there not used in one of these attached to the K580. More likely to be a hass enclosure attached to the external core io port. Although FWD it is, they have a convertor inside the caddy to change the lvd > fwd. YOu may have to strip them out of the caddies.


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