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Serial Printer on RP7420 MP Port

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Serial Printer on RP7420 MP Port

Before I attempt this, has anyone been able to configure a Serial Printer on RP7420 MP Port (RS232). I can see that the config allows this but are the three ports dedicated to Console,UPS,Modem only or are they plain old serial ports that I can use for a printer. We are trying to avoid buying an additional mulit-port board to add a single printer. We are only using the console (serial) port at present with a terminal.
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Re: Serial Printer on RP7420 MP Port

I haven't configured a serial printer on MP serial port on this server. However I think you could be able to use the serial printer on the UPS port.

Althoug the UPS serial port specifically designed to attach a support UPS, it could be used for connecting serial devices provided you use correct cabling. Because on most the HP 9000 models, this port is general purpose RS-232 port. The same is not true with local console amd modem ports.

On rp7420, you get the device file of h/w path 0/0/0/0/0 which points to the UPS port.