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Serial port on L1000

Chris Watson
Super Advisor

Serial port on L1000

I currently print to a serial printer plugged directly into the onboard serial port of a D250. The D250 is being decommissioned so I want to plug into the back of my L1000 instead.

In SAM I go into add serial printer and it searches for boards. It returns 0/0/4/0 SP 3 port, and 0/0/5/0 SP 1 port.

I can only find the serial port connection on the GSP that has a tri-cable plugged into it.

Does anyone one know where the other single port is hiding? Or if not, as I am not using any of the tri-cable outlets at the moment, which is the best to try and plug my printer into?

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Rajeev Shukla
Honored Contributor

Re: Serial port on L1000

The best solution fot this is to configure your serial printer on TCP/IP Network, buy a Intel or HP or any printserver, that has serial and parrallel ports, connect your printer to those ports and configure the printer using HP Jetadmin software.
Dont mess with serial ports or the server also its not good to plug any printers directly to the server.

Let me know if you need more information in configuring the printer using printserver
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Serial port on L1000

The easiest way is to get a network capable printer or a network print server for the printer like a lantronics.

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Bharat Katkar
Honored Contributor

Re: Serial port on L1000

If you are not using the tri-cable, remove it and prepare one Cable as below and connect it to your composite port:

1 GND ------------------- Shell GND
2 ------------------- 2
3 ------------------- 3
4 ------------------- 1
5,6 ------------------- 4
7 ------------------- 5
8 ------------------- 7
20 ------------------- 8,6

Now you DB9 end is a normal RS232C serial port.
After configuring your correponding tty port in inittab you will be able to print to the printer.

Hope that helps.
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