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Server Expansion Unit / rp8400

Bob Viveney
Occasional Advisor

Server Expansion Unit / rp8400

I have a SEU connected to a rp8400 with the 4
REO cables. However, ioscan doesn't seem to
show the disks in the SEU nor much of anything
for cell 3. The things I suspect are the dip
switches on the core I/O cards, or maybe the
core I/O cards in the server (A6096A) will not
work with the cards in the SEU (A7109A), although I can see some of the hw in the SEU from cell 2 such as the core I/O card and scsi cards.
The A7109A Rules sheet leads me
to believe I need to replace the A6096A with A7109A even if they are in different boxes.
Is this true?

No one at this site has much knowledge about
setting up an SEU (including me) so any and all help will be appreciated. Maybe someone
could log into the MP and take a look as I
don't have any experience with this configuration and don't know what to look at.
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: Server Expansion Unit / rp8400

Hi Bob,

I would strongly recomend to call for an HP engineer to perform the SEU installation.
Anyway some general hints:

-rp8400 needs A7109A Core I/Os to support SEU
-new backplane shrouds for the SBA cables have to be installed on the rp8400 backplane
- at least HWE Bundle 0306 must be installed
-FW version must be >= 6.0
-if you are using vpar, version must be >= A.02.03

please take a look on the install guide for details:


best regards

Bob Viveney
Occasional Advisor

Re: Server Expansion Unit / rp8400

Hi Stefan
Well I guess its time to get a HP hardware
person to look at this system.
The system is running 11.23PI and early vPars bits for this OS.
I don't know how to verify the HWE and FW
However, the server is using I/O cards A6096A while the SEU is using I/O cards A7109A, so I guess I'll need to order new cards for the server.
It just seems weird that cell 2 shows the A7109A but not the disk while cell 3 shows
neither the core I/O nor the disk.
- Bob
Bob Viveney
Occasional Advisor

Re: Server Expansion Unit / rp8400

I reseated the cables and also discovered
that one of the disk bays had a broken
scsi connector. Works good now except
for 1 bad bay. Core I/O cards are ready
to go in next.