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Server Partitioning

Occasional Contributor

Server Partitioning

Dear All

I have HP rp8400 server with the following specifications:

1. 8 CPU (700MHZ each)
2. 16 GB Memory

can i partition the server into four (4) partiton (npar) hard partition.

and what are the limitations?

Thanks alot
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: Server Partitioning

Hi dave,

the max. number of hard partitions (npar) is equal to the number of cellboards with connected I/O you have.
I assume you have two cellboards (?), then you can have two npars.
The rp8400 supports up to 4 npars, but then you need 4 cellboards and an external I/O Chassis ("IOX"), because the internal I/O is only connected to two cells (0 and 1).

Maybe virtual partition is an alternative for you (vpars). With this you can make 2 npars with each two vpars.

best regards