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Server will not power up

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Server will not power up

Greetings I have configuring an rp3440 for about a month, no problems. Today it powered itself off and will not power on. I have the redundant power supply. Doing PS in the MP shows normal for both power supplies and all fans. The green LEDs are on on both supplies. The main LED on the front is yellow and flashing. I try a PC (in the MP) and choose on - but it never goes on. Both AC lines to the unit are normal. I looked at chassis logs - nothing about power - but all are BCH related such as BCH   *5   or BCH   2. Any ideas? Thanks



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Re: Server will not power up

Hi Dave,

  Did you try removing the AC lines and then powering on from the front panel?  If that fails you should see a red flashing LED and corresponding events in the MP log.




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Re: Server will not power up

The reason could even be a memory or cpu problem, check the logs!

Hope this helps!

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