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Setting Date/Time for GSP Messages

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Andrew Dutton
Frequent Advisor

Setting Date/Time for GSP Messages

When looking through the GSP error messages the Date is set to 1970 as in...

Log Entry # 184 :
SYSTEM NAME: uninitialized
DATE: 01/01/1970 TIME: 00:00:48
ALERT LEVEL: 6 = Boot possible, pending failure - action required

Any idea what I can do to set this to current Date/Time?

Thanks in advance
Richard Pereira_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Setting Date/Time for GSP Messages

Honored Contributor

Re: Setting Date/Time for GSP Messages

Acknowledge the error. Boo the system. ON PDC menu, choose configuration menu.

he ti (on configuration menu) will give help on setting the time. the time has to be set in GMT
ti 19:76:07:04:23:30:00
Will set the time to Set time to July 4, 1976, 11:30:00 P.M. GMT.

the format is cn:yr:mo:dy:hr:mn:ss

cn - century
yr - year
mo - month
dy - day of the month
hr - hour
mn - minute
ss - seconds


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