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Single bit error in RP 2470 server

anish 123
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Single bit error in RP 2470 server

Event Time..........: Wed Jan 6 12:41:37 2010
Severity............: MAJORWARNING
Monitor.............: dm_memory
Event #.............: 4300
System..............: rp2470

Memory Event Type : Single bit error (SBE) event. A correctable single
bit error has been detected and logged.

Description of Error:

The memory component:

Cab/Cell or Node: 0
DIMM: 01

is experiencing correctable single bit errors (SBE) on a single
how to rectify the below reeor
Probable Cause / Recommended Action:

Although the single bit errors are being corrected, it may be advisable to
monitor the situation. If an excessive rate of single bit errors occur, an
event with higher severity will be generated.
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Re: Single bit error in RP 2470 server

No need to worry about a single SBE.

Monitor it - if possible, reboot to system to allow the diags to check even the pages currently in use.

Hope this helps!

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Ron Irving
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Re: Single bit error in RP 2470 server

I agree. Single bit errors are a common occurence. It's the multi-bit errors you have to watch for.

Also, the memory will de-allocate. Watch the page deallocation table, (PDT.)
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