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Single bit error.

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Single bit error.

Memory Board Inventory

   DIMM Location          Size(MB)     DIMM Location          Size(MB)
   --------------------   --------     --------------------   --------
   DIMM 0A                4096         DIMM 0B                4096
   DIMM 0C                4096         DIMM 0D                4096
   DIMM 1A                2048         DIMM 1B                2048
   DIMM 1C                2048         DIMM 1D                2048
   DIMM 2A                2048         DIMM 2B                2048
   DIMM 2C                2048         DIMM 2D                2048
   DIMM 3A                2048         DIMM 3B                2048
   DIMM 3C                2048         DIMM 3D                2048


Memory Error Log Summary

   DIMM Location           Error Address     Error Type  Page           Count
   ----------------------  ----------------  ----------  -------------  -----
   DIMM 2A                 0x823db4a00       Single-Bit  0x823db4       1
   DIMM 2A                 0x830db4a00       Single-Bit  0x830db4       1
   DIMM 2A                 0x839db4a00       Single-Bit  0x839db4       1
   DIMM 2A                 0x82c4b4a00       Single-Bit  0x82c4b4       1
   DIMM 2A                 0x838db4a00       Single-Bit  0x838db4       2
   DIMM 2A                 0x821cb4a00       Single-Bit  0x821cb4       2
   DIMM 2A                 0x8385b4a00       Single-Bit  0x8385b4       1
   DIMM 2A                 0x83c5b4a00       Single-Bit  0x83c5b4       2
   DIMM 2A                 0x8302b4a00       Single-Bit  0x8302b4       1


  DIMM 2A                 0x8212b4a00       Single-Bit  0x8212b4

   PDT Entries Used: 85
   PDT Entries Free: 15
   PDT Total Size: 100





I have this single bit errors on one of the server fir DIMM2A. What will be the consequences  of this if i dont act on this on time.I have already raised a call with HP for replcement but stil wanted some inputs what if we plan the replacement of faulty dimm lately

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Re: Single bit error.

Single bit errors are correctable.  So if you don't have a storm of them, I wouldn't worry.

Do you have an idea when they occurred?

Frequent Advisor

Re: Single bit error.

I have this error since 2 weeks and HP has suggetsed to replce due to over threshold of errors.


Will the server crash if it is not replaced or what could be the consequences.

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Re: Single bit error.

>Will the server crash if it is not replaced or what could be the consequences.


It won't crash until you start getting double bit errors.  If you got all of those errors in the last two weeks, that may be a problem with DIMM 2A.


>PDT Entries Free: 15


If this goes to 0, you'll also have problems.

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Re: Single bit error.

You can view the dates when the error occurred by using STM.


$ cstm

cstm> ru

    Select Logtool

Logtool> vd


View the memory log details to see the last time the error was detected.


You can run this in one command if you like:

$ echo "ru\nlogtool\nvd\nDone\nExit\nOK\nExit\nOK" | /usr/sbin/cstm



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