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Storage Solution w/RAID 10

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Adam Hicks

Storage Solution w/RAID 10

Greetings. I am looking for a Disk Array to connect to my 8400 that can run a RAID 10 configuration via hardware (RAID Controllers, with 450GB useable disk space. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
Tim D Fulford
Honored Contributor

Re: Storage Solution w/RAID 10

EVA3000 or EVA5000



Unfortunately you are on the cusp between 2 & 4 enclousures for each EVAX000. 28x 36GB disks would be 2 enclousures. If you configure 26 in vRAID1+0 you can get about 400GB of usable space!!!... shucks... even if you get rid of the 1 Active Hot spare disks (actually it is really 2) you get to 448GB... So you could either step up to 56x 36GB (though I believe you could have any even number between 28 & 56) OR go for 28x 73GB disks..

Another question you need to answer is how much performance you want? the EVA3000 can have 1GB cache per controller, the EVA5000 can have more.

VA7410 would also do, but from experience I'd avoid it.. I believe it is beng phased out and replaced by EVAX000

Then there is EMC Hitachi etc... but I assume you want HP solution.


Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Storage Solution w/RAID 10

EVA systems do not have 'hot spare disks'. They combine physical disk drives to a disk group and then you can reserve disk space for sparing (0, 2 or 4 times the amount of the largest disk in the group) which is equally distributed over all disks in the group. The good thing is that all spindles are available for work.

The minimum amount is 4 disk drives per disk enclosure, but you don't need to fill them from the beginning. To date the HSV100 (EVA3000) and HSV110 (EVA5000) controllers have a fixed amount of 1 GByte cache.
Honored Contributor

Re: Storage Solution w/RAID 10

If you have deeper pockets, I'd suggest you get HP's XP line (either the XP128, XP512 or XP1024) -- these are also available as a Sun StorEdge line -- and are OEM'd from Hitachi Data Systems.

Hakuna Matata.