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Superdome cell question

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Superdome cell question

This is for a friend who's working on a superdome and getting an error.

Has anyone come across the following message:
The fault that we are getting is RtnCodePdiNotPresent. Power all looks good, I just can't get the cell to turn on. We have never seen this before.

That's all the info I have. Any insight or direction would be helpful. I can query for more info if needed.

I know there's not much to go on, I will be generous with the points to anyone that can help.

Thank you
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Re: Superdome cell question

hi gary,

try login to the mp prompt and check if the mp is able to detect all hardware in the superdome :

MP:CM> df

This command displays the FRU ID information for the selected FRU.

Do you want a specific FRU or a dump? ([S]/D) d

A - ALL - All FRU devices in a cabinet.
S - System Backplane
G - Management Processor (Core I/O)
P - PCI Backplane
M - Mass Storage Backplane
I - PCI Power Module
B - Bulk Power Supply
C - Cell Board
Select FRU : a
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Re: Superdome cell question

There could be a number of reasons for this, and they can depend on the type of SuperDome you have (Older Legacy machine or a newer Integrity machine - black in colour)

Is this a cell that has been resident in the machine for a while? It may be that it has failed and indeed wont power on.

Is it a cell that has been newly installed? If so, this message can be seen if you try to power on the cell too soon after installing it.

Is it a cell newly installed in an Integrity SuperDome (these cells have 2 parts to them). If so, it may have been installed wrongly - there is a procedure that must be followed.

Do you have any errors in the GSP/MP logs relating to it?
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Re: Superdome cell question

oh yes, remember to also check the status of the Superdome e.g. :

MP:CM> ps

Display detailed status of the selected MP bus device.

The following MP bus devices were found:
| | | | | | |
| | | Sys | | IO | Bulk Pwr |
|Cab| MP |Bkpln| Cells |Chassis| Supplies |
| # |M S| |0 1 2 3| 0 1 |0 1 2 3 4 5|
| 0 |* *| * |* * * *| * * |* * * * * |

You may display detailed power and hardware status for the following items:

T - Cabinet
S - System Backplane
G - MP (Core I/O)
P - IO Chassis
C - Cell
Select Device: t

followed by cell, mp etc.
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Re: Superdome cell question

Thank you for your replies. I will attempt to have the info gathered. I will post whatever I find out.

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Re: Superdome cell question

Turned out to be some poorly seated chips I believe. Thank you all for your assistance.