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Superdome error

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Superdome error

Hello guys,
I have a SuperDome 64 with 6 partition on two of that partition I see, from the VFP,
an Error
E 13 Cell has joined partition .
But...How can find the error on Cell?


Sistem engeneer expert
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Re: Superdome error

you can use parmgr to launch the partition manager and check for errors there.

Otherwise take a look at the parstatus output.
(see http://www.grc.hp.com/docs/nickel/ download and run the beta script this will run most sd diag commands.)

The GSP chassis logs should tell us all we need to know. Can you capture it to file?

Other than that the SMS may reveal something..

I don't however think however it a serious problem.. although you'll be the one to tell me that!

It works for me (tm)
Tobias Hartlieb
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Re: Superdome error


best thing to start is GSP>SL>E (Error).
Maybe, the activity log (GSP>SL>A) shows more details, if desired.

GSP>CL gives the Console logs.

Also, from GSP>CM the 'ps' comamnd is quite powerful, if you step down the submenus...
'cp' and 'io' give further infos in GSP>CM.

From HP-UX, check 'parstatus' (see man parstatus for options) and 'frupower'.



Re: Superdome error

Hi Filosofo,

The error you are looking at was caused by a BUG in the superdome system. Evenif you successfully joined the cells it will flag you with an error sign. I think there is already a patch available to correct this. Let me see first if i could locate the name of the patch....

Piyush Trambadiya
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Re: Superdome error

Hello There,

I had the similar errors state - "E" even If the Cell joined the Partitions.

From that perticular PArtition, one of the vPar had the issue of swap lv (an additional swap LV which was spanned into two PVs.) It was giving error in "swapon".
After doing the "dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/vg00/swap_lv", I successfully added that swap lv into swap space.

I have rebooted partition and that Error state was cleared from the VFP.

So, I would recommend to check for any disk related / LVM related issue ! Strange but true !

Wishing you all Merry Christmas !