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Superdome qualified memory

Geoff Gowers_1
Frequent Advisor

Superdome qualified memory

Hi All,
I am investigating a problem where an rp7410 was upgraded with additional memory , using 4 x 1gb quads A6908-60101.

The engineer had problems getting the memory recognised and noted that whilst BHP saw the new memory, it was deconfigured.

Other reasons apart, I note that there is a fix in firmware update v5.0 PDC 16.011 that states that a fix for PDC not recognising 'superdome qualified memory' .

Whats that then ? I note that the memory part number used is a latest sub for the rp7410 and also stated as a memory part for Superdomes.

We know the rp7410 is likley to be at a lower firmware level than 5.0, and expect to recommend an upgrade, but just wondering how justified this is based on the patch fix above.

I am well aware that there may be other causes of the problem, but info other than the above, which might well show a basic install issue has not yet come my way.

Thanks, Geoff
Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor

Re: Superdome qualified memory

Hi Geoff

Please check whether following memory configuration rule is followed for rp7410 server

When purchased from the factory, any given partition can be ordered with 4 GB Dimms or non-stacked Dimms (512 MB, 1GB or 2GB), but not both. When field integrated, cell boards can contain 4GB Dimms or non-stacked Dimms (MB, 1GB or 2GB), but not both.

Geoff Gowers_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Superdome qualified memory

Thanks Mahesh,

They are non stacked dimms of either 512 or 1gb.
To get the upgrade one cell (partition) is upgraded from 4gb , 2gb , 2gb, 2gb quads to 4gb, 4gb, 2gb, 2gb and the other cell (partition) from 2gb, 2gb, 2gb, 0gb to 4gb, 4gb,4gb,2gb,2gb quads.

Geoff Gowers_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Superdome qualified memory

With HP support, confirmed that later memory had been written for superdomes, and that there is indeed a firmware update required for this memory.

However we also obtained a third batch of memory, tested, and installed without problem.