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System Alert on rp2450

Peter Gillis
Super Advisor

System Alert on rp2450

system rp2450 runnning hpux11i.
we had a situation on last Friday night where all power was lost to our site and the ups's too! Eventually machines all started up. I checked the logs, filesystems, volgroups etc, all seems ok. On checking the System Alert logs via GSP, the following was listed:

ALERT LEVEL: 13 = System hang detected via timer popping

SOURCE: 1 = processor
SOURCE DETAIL: 1 = processor general SOURCE ID: 0
PROBLEM DETAIL: 4 = timeout

What does this all really mean? What is a timer popping??

Thanks, in advance, for helping me out here..

Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: System Alert on rp2450

Hi Maria,

I had a very similar problem on an A500 a couple of weeks ago. We ended up getting a part replaced that had to do with one the CPU's. Now this all depends upon the hex codes reported at the base of each of the logged messages. Suggest you get a hardware support call logged ASAP. When this happened to me, our A500 only lasted four hours after rebooting.

Not one for panicking, but you never know.

Anyone for a Mutiny ?
R. Sri Ram Kishore_1
Respected Contributor

Re: System Alert on rp2450


Take a look at these threads:
- http://forums1.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=31888
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Sri Ram
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Roopashree B
Occasional Visitor

Re: System Alert on rp2450

Hi Maria,

I too have a rp2470 system with a single CPU and it throws the same "alert level 13" message and the system hangs.
I am using the GSP firmware revision C.02.14
Could you please let me know what solved the problem in your case. Is it a GSP firmware issue?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Honored Contributor

Re: System Alert on rp2450

An Alert Level 13 - Timer Popping is an indication that the GSP thinks your system is hung. The server normally generates chassis codes on a known interval. These codes can be called activity or run codes. It is also known as a heartbeat. If the GSP does not sense one of these hearbeats in a given amount of time it produces an Alert Level 13. However there have been known problems with certain GSP firmware revisions that will also cause this alert.

To confirm your system is really hung do the following:

Login to the GSP (CTRL+B from console or telnet to the GSP LAN interface) and run the VFP command and proceed with live mode. If the hardware is running normally you will see Activity Codes being displayed on the console. If there are no codes being displayed then your server very well could be hung. To recover you should issue a TOC to capture the memory contents in a core dump and have it analyzed by your service provider.

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Peter Gillis
Super Advisor

Re: System Alert on rp2450

thanks everyo9ne