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T Class hardware components

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T Class hardware components

hello all

i have been asked to do some fact finding on t class hardware components, Does anyones know whether components from a T class can be put into any other HP servers, as we have a load of old T class servers, that we are no longer using and want to strip them down, and try and put the components in stores, to support other unix servers that our customers have

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Re: T Class hardware components

perhaps you can use some parts like disks or controllers for other servers in the same age (K-Class ...).

Most of the components (CPU, power supplies etc.) are unique to this servers and cannot be used in different machines.

Hope this helps!

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Sung Oh
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Re: T Class hardware components

Hi John,

It will take some time to figure out what parts are reuseable or not. here is HP parts site where you can check your parts for other platforms.


Andrew Rutter
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Re: T Class hardware components

hi john,

there are a few parts that go into the servers.

Any HP-PB interface cards that are in the T class can work in the older 800 series e/f/g/h/i 8x7 and if the t's are actually 3000's not 9000's then the 9x7 systems.

Also disks attached would also work on the same systems either externally or internally depending upon what disks they are.

Also the PSU and controller PCA in the HPPB exp chassis is the same as what goes in the A1828A expander

Apart from that, thats about all. The PSU's, mem boards and cpu's are all specific to the T series.

(Oh and the fans make good desk/disk cooling fans if a grill is attached either side for safety and just powered off a small PSU).