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T520 Processor not available

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Jose Antonio Orozco
Frequent Advisor

T520 Processor not available


I have a T520 machine with 8 processors.
I had it in charge since two years ago, and had been working fine, until a sudden crash, after which only reports 7 processors.
I use the SP commands to display the logs, and found this
New System Status : FAULT : hex display = 16fc

Does exist any procedure to claim the lost processor or to tag it as "dead"?

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hari jayaram_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: T520 Processor not available


Can you check this manual out

Navin Bhat_2
Trusted Contributor

Re: T520 Processor not available

Hello Jose,
I would call into HP support and have them run full diagnostics on the cpu and have it replaced if necessary. Surprisngly your box has not HPMC'd and panic'd.
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: T520 Processor not available

Well, I'm not real experienced with the SP - it is "ancient" anymore after all, but I believe it will still deallocate the CPU & allow the system to come up. But with that ole' beast you may *need* all 8, huh? Problem could be is that it's CPU 0 or the monarch CPU which is the mandatory boot CPU. All you should need to do is pull it & put another in it's slot, I'd think.
You know you can get a fairly well populated K-class on ebay for only several hundred $, so I don't think you should pay very much for a T520 CPU....

My 2 cents,
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