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TOC superdome and v -class how

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TOC superdome and v -class how

superdome on the gsp, i believe it's
>CM - RM? steps?

would your toc a v-class from the management console? steps?
I'm ok
Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: TOC superdome and v -class how


Yes on superdome. Once you are in MP login you would do a CM -> TC

It will ask you to specify a partition to toc.

On V-class, there is command on the console station /spp/bin/do_reset to be used to perform the toc. do_reset 0 4 will send a toc signal to the system.


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Jeff Schussele
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Re: TOC superdome and v -class how

Hi Scott,

The V-class also has a TOC button near the key.
It's recessed so as not to be activated inadvertently, so you'll need a pen or something to push it. That's certainly the easiest way to TOC a V-clss.

The 'Dome can only be TOC'd from the MP using the TC command.

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