HPE 9000 and HPE e3000 Servers
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Re: Temperature Issue

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Temperature Issue

Hi All,

What is the default temperature, which down the server then. that When the temperature rises, and how I can change it.

Thanks & kind Regards
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Re: Temperature Issue

What type of server to you have?
In any case, you can't change it. And the values are fuzzy.

(You change the temperature by cooling the computer. :-)
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Re: Temperature Issue

Hi All,

my server is rp8420 and OS is 11.11

i think, because the server is down when the temperature up to 35 degree.

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Re: Temperature Issue

Hi Nejad

Please look at first lines in following URL

Best Regards
Murat Suluhan
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Re: Temperature Issue

> i think, because the server is down when the temperature up to 35 degree.

Wow! 35C = 95F. That is way too hot and you may have already damaged your (very expensive) rp8420 and possibly any disks, network switches, firewalls, etc. The correct temperature is 20-25C. You rp8420 is far too expensive to experiment with high temperatures. All semiconductors (computer chips) can be permanently damaged by high temperatures. Often, this damage is quite insidious -- the computer becomes unstable an no longer runs reliably.

Rather than hoping your computer won't have to be repaired, replace your computer room air conditioning system with a redundant system that can properly cool your system(s).

Bill Hassell, sysadmin