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Time Quote for rp8400 to rp8420 Upgarde...

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Barry Kinkead
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Time Quote for rp8400 to rp8420 Upgarde...

Good Day,

Does HP supply downtime quotes or forecasts before they dispatch technical resources to perform platform upgrades?
As an organization that resales HP hardware and services that support our hospitals, we need be aware of physical and application downtime when an upgrade is sold. Of course, we have control of the application downtime but are unaware of "in the field" time requirements.
Thank You for any help in this issue,
Barry Kinkead
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: Time Quote for rp8400 to rp8420 Upgarde...

Hi Barry,

Should be close to MTTR of cell board(s) in an existing rp8400 as it is essentially an entirely new cell board. Might want to pad that 10-20% just in case there are extra steps involved (FW updates?).

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Joshua Scott
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Re: Time Quote for rp8400 to rp8420 Upgarde...

To be safe, I would probably budget around 8 hours, though it will probably only take about 3.

I've replaced a few rp7400 backplanes, and takes between 90 minutes (if everything goes smoothly) and 3 hours, but there is always the possibility that some component will fail or be DOA (I've seen it happen with a BP), which could easily double the expected time.

What are the chances...