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Trouble to add new disk in SC10

Victor Burguillos_4
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Trouble to add new disk in SC10

I try to add two new disk in SC10 disk system, this DS is connect to L1000, the DS-SC10 is has six disk configured in two raid 5 each one with 3 disk, I tried add two disk but the OS don't see the new disk, the os is HP-UX 11.00, I don't know what happend.
Please help me.


Phil uk
Honored Contributor

Re: Trouble to add new disk in SC10


What type of controller are you using?
I guess you are using a RAID controller.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Trouble to add new disk in SC10

if you are connected to a raid4si adapter, you may refer to this thread :

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Trouble to add new disk in SC10


it really depends upon how the raid is configured?

it could be either a raid adapter installed or is the SC10 actually attached to an FC60 first?

either way you wont see the disks just in ioscan, once configured you will see the luns presented.

you will need to use the array manager software to build or extend the array.

the easiest way for you to do this is from within SAM if your new to hpux. Here you will see the disks and can configure how you want.

Did you reboot the server and the SC10 for the new disks to be picked up? or just hotplug them and live in hope?

The scsi controller will need to rescan for disks but wont do this without been asked to do so?

The best way to force a scan of all disks if you have to, is to power everything off and then power the SC10 on first, wait a few minutes then power the server on.

you should however be able to do this from within SAM

what steps have you actually done?