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Two apparently identical part numbers

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Two apparently identical part numbers



I have a server rp7420 with two cells. One of this cell has three processors.
Two processors have the P/N A6743-04008 and the third has the P/N A6743-04012
My question is: What is the difference between 40008 and 40012 ?
If I buy the P/N A6743A, this P/N is compatible with the cell ?
In general, what means these encodings that follow to the "-"
Thanks in advance





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Re: Two apparently identical part numbers

Hi Peter,


Please note A6743A is may be a typo error. it is not a valid part number for rp7420 cell based system.


It would be :

Product Number : A6437A   Description : 1GHZ PROCESSOR UPGRADE FOR RP7420/RP8420


infromation from partsurfer:




Both part number are same:

A6437-04008 Dual core 1ghz PA8800 CPU for RP7420-RP8420
A6437-04012 Dual core 1ghz PA8800 CPU for RP7420-RP8420


No need to worry about "-" ,  Hope , may be  it is used to identify the product and its parts.




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Re: Two apparently identical part numbers



Firstly, in rp7420 Server, the CPU modules are not Field Replacable Units (FRUs). It is the whole Cell with CPUs is FRU. Hence, the CPU part numbers are not siginficant in this server.


As for the second portion of the part number that follows the "-" , it looks to be used for HP internal purpose to identify revision, batch etc of an exchange part number. The first portion of the part number and the complete description of the part such as CPU model (PA8800/PA8900), Number of cores (single/Dual), CPU Speed and Cache Size are the details to look for.





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