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UPS configuration

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UPS configuration

I am trying to install a UPS RX3000 in my HP-UX but I always get the same error signal when i start Lansafa power monitor:

Communications failure
Cannot contact power monitor daemon

I have the daemon running:

Aramis:/usr/ls3> ps -ef | grep -i ls
root 1094 1 0 17:07:57 ? 0:00 /usr/ls3/ls3
root 2192 2137 0 17:32:36 pts/0 0:00 grep -i ls

In the /etc/services I have the port configured

ls3 3069/tcp # LanSafe III for Unix
ls3 3069/udp # LanSafe III for Unix

and the port is opened:

Aramis:/var/adm/syslog> netstat -an | grep -i 3069
udp 0 0 *.3069 *.*

In the inittab I have the entry:


I do not know why I do not get connectivity...

Can anyone help me ???

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Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: UPS configuration

The lansafe3 software normally communicates via a serial line (ttyp1, ttyp2 or ttyp3, depending from your system) with the UPS. Only if you attach more than one server to the UPS, then the other servers use tcpip to be noticed on power failure.
Attached you find an example of a lansafe3 installation.

Best regards


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Re: UPS configuration

I'm also trying to connect an rx3000 to my HP machine, but I get the following message after trying to execute the following commands:


#./ls3X &

error can not open display.

The attached Lansafe III guide that Steffan posted all works fine (ie #./ls3 &), but afterwards the command #./ls3X & is run to access the UPS command panel, which gives the above message.

Any ideas guys??

Regular Advisor

Re: UPS configuration

I think you should try adjust your DISPLAY environment variable to export your graphic output to your Xserver ..

Try oppening a new thread in the forums
Here rests one who was not what he wanted and didn't want what he was