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UPS deamon ls3 opening many files

kenny chia
Regular Advisor

UPS deamon ls3 opening many files

Hi all
I have a HP9000 server running HPUX10.20
The UPS deamon is the ls3 version 3.5 from Powerware

By using glance, I noticed that the UPS process /opt/ls3/ls3 opens a new file descriptor every day (see attached glance output). This will cause the server to reach the nfile limit soon

Is this a software bug?

The only way to reduce the chance of hitting the nfile limit is to restart the ls3 deamon every few weeks

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Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: UPS deamon ls3 opening many files

Hi Kenny,

Maybe you can change the log file configuration inside the gui.

To start the graphical user interface export your DISPLAY variable and start:
# /opt/ls3/ls3conX

Btw. the latest supported version is 5.0

Hope this helps,
Brad Marks
Super Advisor

Re: UPS deamon ls3 opening many files

Just last week I upgraded to LanSafe from LanSafe III, and found that the new version is much better.
Well, it works; LanSafe III barely worked.
It's not impossible -- it'll just cost more...