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URGENT- HP Visualize C3000 and Parallel Port

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URGENT- HP Visualize C3000 and Parallel Port

I am having a HP Visualize C3000 Workstation,
it is having one parallel port, I have
connected HP Designjet 750C plotter on this
port but when i try to install it as local
printer using parallel port it says no
parallel port on the system.

when i run ioscan it display parallel port
entries what should i do to make it visible
to printer using sam.

how to make sure using ioscan the hardare
path for the same.

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Re: URGENT- HP Visualize C3000 and Parallel Port

Make sure you have the right parallel driver (SCentIf) patch installed, and add the printer from commandline using lpadmin.

PHKL_21099 s700 10.20 Superio Parallel driver fixes
PHKL_17645 s700 10.20 Enable Superio Core Interfaces (ACE199906)
PHKL_21262 s700_800 11.00 SuperIO floppy driver fix
PHKL_20152 s700_800 11.00 Enable SuperIO Core Interfaces
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Re: URGENT- HP Visualize C3000 and Parallel Port

The previous patches will ensure the parallel driver behaves properly.

The fix to the SAM issue is to install the SAM patch for your system. This was a reported problem, fixed:
1) When the audit log parameters are changed, SAM removes the old audit log files.
2) SAM core dumps when attempting to distribute a shared volume group in setup of a Service Guard cluster.
3) When trying to add a printer to the SuperIO parallel interface (SCentIf driver), SAM does not see the interface. SAM displays a message "no parallel interface can be found on the system".

PHCO_19047 has been replaced by PHCO_23876
and PHCO_27375. This is the 11.00 version of the cumulative SAM/ObAM patch.

Locate and install the latest SAM patch for your operating system.
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Re: URGENT- HP Visualize C3000 and Parallel Port

Hi Amit here is the user guide for the C3000


you should be able to find some info here

I have just wound up my c3600 and an ioscan shows the parallel port claimed as 10/0/14/1/3 as the built in parallel connection.
Does yours show that (ioscan -fnk)?
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