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Update of GSP problems

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Randy Hagedorn
Regular Advisor

Update of GSP problems

Hi all,

I have an N4000 on GSP version X.17.04 and want to upgrade it to A.01.12, so that hopefully I can change the console terminal type to HPTERM instead of VT100.

The software has been downloaded to the system at /tmp/patches/firmware/GSP_A.01.12/

After following the installation instructions, the say to use the xu command in the GSP to update the firmware.

I have trying a whole bunch of times with no success. After going through the upgrade questions the following is displayed:

-> GSP firmware upgrade was NOT successful.
-> Check parameters and try again.

Has anyone had success in upgrading the GSP, or is this something that only H/P hardware maintenance can do?

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Update of GSP problems

I'm not saying you can't do it yourself, but its not something we do very often. In the past we've let Hardware handle it. It is covered under our Software/Hardware contact, one or the other.

Steven E Protter
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Robert-Jan Goossens_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Update of GSP problems

Hi Randy,

There are two types of gsp's for a N4000, the A6696B and the A6696A.

A6696B firmware B.2.20


A6696A firmware A.1.12


Which gsp version do you have ?

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Update of GSP problems

hi, you can do it yourself. I have done it numerous times.

I would read the instructions again so its fresh in your mind, then you need to make sure the GSP lan is configured correctly and the path of the update is where its expected.
It usually fails if the lan or path is wrong

Only other thing is, is it definatley the right gsp update your trying to install.
Ive never heard of X.17.04 version and its not listed as an older version.
Is your model server listed in the readme file?


Randy Hagedorn
Regular Advisor

Re: Update of GSP problems


In my conversation with H/P software, they say that X.17.04 is an experimental version. Since I use 3rd party hardware support, they want to charge me time and materials to update it. I was hoping to not have to shell out any cash.

How can I tell if my lan is configured right?

How do I verify the GSP lan config? My HP-UX system is IP and subnet

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Update of GSP problems

hi randy,

enter the gsp and type lc will show you the lancofig of the card if set or prompt you to set it.
Basically you have to be able to ping the server from gsp. So this needs to in the same ip and subnet range.
Then when you execute the update command from gsp you are asked for the ip of the server.
you set the ip of the gsp so you can telnet into it remotely if needed.
Thats also something that can cause it to fail if remote login is disabled.
You can check the full commands for changing things in the help section of gsp.
Also is the patch released from the zip package it was downloaded from?