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Upgrade GSP L2000 server

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Upgrade GSP L2000 server

I have a L2000 (rp5450) server that needs the GSP upgrading to A.01.12 and I've downloaded the patch to my laptop. However I don't understand how to do it (as I've never done it before). The GSP presently isn't setup for network communication (and isn't likely to be).

Therefore I assume I need to use a laptop and cross-over network cable to update the GSP, is that correct? first I set the GSP lan configuration (LC) (from the terminal connection I have)to a private address (say and set my laptop to a private address also (, then use the cross over cable to connect the GSP to my laptop. I then run XD to check connectivity and XU to update the GSP, is that right?

if I place the files in c:\hpfirmware on my laptop, what do I type in as the file path when prompted as part of XU? and what do I give as the login details? also can this be done whilst the server is up? I don't need to reboot the server (as opposed to rebooting the GSP)? is it possible to downgrade the GSP if I find later that I have problems?

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Re: Upgrade GSP L2000 server

The address part is correct. You need to enable the FTP server service on your laptop.

Once this is done, you can try to connect locally to find the path to the files (default is c:\inetpub\ftproot):


logon as anonymous with any password.
server can be up while running this update - there is NO need to downgrade (but it will be the same procedure). You have to be sure to use the correct firmware!

Good luck!

Hope this helps!

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Re: Upgrade GSP L2000 server

One other thing, you will need to make sure that the permissions on the firmware file allow read access to all.

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