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Upgrade hard drives in rp7420

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Upgrade hard drives in rp7420

Customer having problem. They have an rp7420 with two 10k drives and want to upgrade to 15k drives. They performed a tape back up and swapped the drives. When restoring from tape the receive the error "trap type 15 data page" and the server freezes with no other inforation.

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Re: Upgrade hard drives in rp7420

Hi DDeblance,

When your customer do the backup, is the backup using Ignite/UX or normal backup (fbackup, tar)?

Did your customer already test/verify the backup ?

May I know what's the size of the drives that you have been swapped ? If can give the part number it would be nicer.

Did you try to put back the previous disks (10k drives)? What's the result ?

Maybe this can help you to troubleshoot the issue. Let me know other information so we can help you further.

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Re: Upgrade hard drives in rp7420

Is anything restored from the tape or, does the server hang immediate ?
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Re: Upgrade hard drives in rp7420

The tape is a Ignite/UX tape (three different tapes have been tried).
The tape reads for a minute or two, then the system tries to write the OS onto the
disk. It appears that the system error occurs when the first time that
the disk is written too. This is the error:
Trap Type 15 (data page fault)
Instruction Address (pcsq.pcog) = 0x0.0x550fd0
Instruction (iir) = 0x52950020 (load/share)
Target Address (isr.ior) = 0x0.0x0000000000000010
Base address (gr20) = 0x0000000000000000
Savestate Ptr (ssp) = (0xb13c400.0x400003fffff16e8)
Savestate Return Pointer (ss-rp) = 0x00000000000550fbc
System Panic Data Page Fault

The size of the drives are the same, the new ones are just faster.