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Upgrading RP5430 and RP5470


Upgrading RP5430 and RP5470


I need some serious help with upgrading our servers. The problem is, I have no idea where to start.

Here is a bit of background:
RP5430: 1 CPU, 2GB memory. Upgrading to 2 CPU's and 4GB memory
RP5470: 1 CPU, 2GB memory. Upgrading to 4 CPU's and 16GB memory.

The hardware techies from HP know what to install as we already bought it .

The problem is I have no idea where to start the planning of this action and what to check/change before upgrade. I am alone and the only System administrator here, but I have never done this type of upgrade before. Newbie.

Please any replies will help.
Need some sort of project plan for the big boss.

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Re: Upgrading RP5430 and RP5470

Since the server model model will remain the same, there is almost nothing to do except the hardware installation.
Maybe you need some more swap and/or dump space on your disks.
This maybe a good time to do some patching too.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Upgrading RP5430 and RP5470

If its only a hardware update, you are fine because HP people do all the stuff, you only have to stop the machine form them.

What you should do, just in case is make and ignite image, so you have backup of you SO, make a normal backup of the data you have on the other VGs.

For more info on ignite:


you can also install cfg2html, its an script that gets all kind of info from your machine.

as Torsten recommends if you are getting downtime you could think of patching the servers
Windows?, no thanks