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V-class 1000Base-t ethernet

James Lee Clukey
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V-class 1000Base-t ethernet

Customer requests info 1000base-t PCI card for V-class 2500 running 11.0. Is A6825A a good recommendation.
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Re: V-class 1000Base-t ethernet

IMHO every card with a 11.00 driver. Since this is not supported, it might be difficult to get this information and/or driver.

Hope this helps!

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rick jones
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Re: V-class 1000Base-t ethernet

For the sake of the archives...

It isn't clear (to me anyway) that the A6825A was ever "supported" on the V-Class. It is at least PCI, not PCI-X so there is some hope, but I cannot recall if the A6825A was a "universal" PCI card (both 5.0 and 3.3v) or if it was 3.3v only. Nor can I recall if the V-class offered any 3.3v slots :) "Back when" I was doing SPECweb96 benchmarks on the V2250, we used the A4926A:


The card was an IHU (Independent Hardware Unit) so I suspect but cannot confirm that the driver would not have been in the 11.0 OS media. Probably it would have been on a separate DART.
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