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V class boot from SC-10

Roberto Volsa
Frequent Advisor

V class boot from SC-10

Hello all,
weird question.
Customer needs to bootstrap a V 2600 using only SC10 discs.
Is it possible?
I know that is not supported bootstrapping from external disks, but for customer a fast solution imply using only SC10 already available.

what are the pro's and co's of this solution?

Thanks in advance
Stuart Abramson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: V class boot from SC-10

When I worked on V's this was the normal way to do it. The V doesn't have internal drives, so you HAD to boot from external drives and the SC-10 (we called them Nike's) were already RAID devices. Reliable. But hard to configure. If you want, I can send you config notes. Okay, I attached them