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V250 crashing

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V250 crashing

Would anyone know what this error message may be related to below. I have no support for this box. It is semi retired.

******* Unexpected HPMC. Processor HPA FFFFFFFF'FC320000 *******
r00/03 00000000'00000000 00000000'00BB0000 00000000'00BB0000 00000000'68170000 r04/07 00000000'00000005 00000000'0000006D FFFFFFFA'9FC15B40 00000000'00000000 r08/11 00000000'6817EA38 80000000'00000000 00000000'00000018 0000001E'0EE60721 r12/15 00000000'00F4DCD8 00000000'015F8268 00000000'00000000 00000000'0000000B r16/19 00000000'0000000B 00000000'00000000 00000000'00000000 00000000'54051180 r20/23 00000000'00000002 00000000'000003FF 00000000'015F5000 00000000'00000600 r24/27 00000000'000000FF 00000000'54051180 00000000'00000600 00000000'00BBA000 r28/31 00000000'80000000 00000000'54051180 00000000'00A0EE60 00000000'00000100
sr0/3 00000000'018C1800 00000000'00000000 00000000'00000000 00000000'00000000 sr4/7 00000000'00000000 00000000'08436400 00000000'0BAB8400 00000000'00000000 pcq = 00000000'00000000.00000000'00564778 00000000'00000000.00000000'0056477C
isr = 00000000'00240700 ior = 00000000'5C1712E8 iir = 487505D0 rctr = 7FFFEFCE

pid reg cr8/cr9 00000000'00000000 00000000'00000000
pid reg cr12/cr13 00000000'00000000 00000000'00000000
ipsw = 00000000'0804000B iva = 00000000'0002A000 sar = 1F ccr = C0
tr0/3 00000000'015F5000 00000000'000377F0 00000001'BFF4F000 00000000'77FEF000 tr4/7 00000000'0000008F 0000001E'0FF9A482 00000000'0016BC90 00000000'637B2290 eiem = FFFFFF00'FFFFFFFF eirr = 80000000'00000000 itmr = 0000001E'22061D83 cr1/4 00000000'00000000 00000000'00000000 00000000'00000000 00000000'00000000 cr5/7 00000000'00000000 00000000'00000000 00000000'00000000
Check Type = 00000000 CPU STATE = 1E000002 Cache Check = 00000000 TLB Check = 00000000 Bus Check = 00000000 PIM State = ? SIU Status = ???????? Assists = 00000000 Processor = 00000000 Slave Addr = 00000000'00000000 Master Addr = 00000000'00000000

HPMC, pcsq.pcoq = 0'0.0'564778 , isr.ior = 0'240700.0'5c1712e8
@(#) $Revision: vmunix: vw: -proj selectors: CUPI80_BL2000_1108 -c 'Vw
for CUPI80_BL2000_1108 build' -- cupi80_bl2000_1108 'CUPI80_BL2000_1108' Wed N ov 8 19:24:56 PST 2000 $High-priority machine check: (display==0xd910, flags==0
* CPU State 0x1e000002

*** A system crash has occurred. (See the above messages for details.)
*** The system is now preparing to dump physical memory to disk, for use
*** in debugging the crash.

Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: V250 crashing

You had a High Priority Machine Check - most likely cause is a hardware problem. Without support on the box, I'm not sure how you would go about diagnosis.


Kent Ostby
Honored Contributor

Re: V250 crashing

Jerry --

HP does provide a per repair hardware service for a fee. That would probably be your only approach in this case.

Best regards,

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Acclaimed Contributor

Re: V250 crashing

It's so long ago!

If you have good luck, the system comes up again with a disabled memory quad or CPU.

This indicates a bad component.
Watch out for the disabled/missed items.

If not, open a call at HP!

Hope this helps!

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A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: V250 crashing

It's definitely a hardware problem. I haven't touched a V box in years and they were not very common even back when they were in vogue. The standard technique for this is to strip the box down to bare essentials (minimum memory, minimum processors; minimum i/o boards); hopefully it will pass diagnostics; if not swap out components and try again. You need the lowest processor, the lowest memory, etc. If you are now able to get the box to pass diagnostics, you then add components until you see a failure to identify the failing component.
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