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V2500 V2600 PCI Bus Speed

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V2500 V2600 PCI Bus Speed

I am looking to determine if the PCI Saga chips support (or offer) a 66mhz bus?

I cannot find any documentation that tells me either way. The only info I can find relates to the saga chip being a 64 bit controller. Perhaps the server is too old to even reference a 66mhz bus speed?

Thanks in advanced for any info.

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Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: V2500 V2600 PCI Bus Speed

Hi Bob,

Although the V2500 Operators Guide:


doesn't specify a MHZ rating, in Figure 4 in Chapter 1 pg 4 it does state a 240 MB/sec - sustained - bi-directional throughput per controller & 1.9 GB/sec peak for the entire cabinet for the PCI controllers (AKA SAGA), I think one could safely assume that covers the 66MHZ criteria.
I've *never* seen a 66MHZ bus on a PC or even a Winblows server even approach that value.

I believe the reason they don't state their values in that manner is because this bus architecture is vastly superior in raw throughput & they didn't see any reason to quote such values.

You have to remember that Vs are like huge freight-bullet trains that can xfer massive amounts of data around at a damn good clip.
They're just not rocket ships that can move small/medium amounts of I/O at light speeds like the newer architectures.

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rick jones
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Re: V2500 V2600 PCI Bus Speed

The first V's were PCI-1X - that is 33 MHz, 32 bits.

Later V's (perhaps the 2500, certainly the 2600) offered "PCI-2X" slots (something like three slots per bus).

Now, there are/were two ways to get PCI-2X speed - either 33 MHz, 64 bit, or 66 MHz, 32-bit. IIRC, they went 33 MHz, 64-bit. You can probably confirm that visually by looking at the length of the PCI connectors - if they are the "short" variety, then they didn't go 64-bit (assuming I'm remembering my PCI correctly).

I think they also only offered 5.0V, not 3.3v - which would be consistent with not supporting 66 MHz, as IIRC 66 MHz required 3.3V.
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