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V2600 and a 12H

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Emil Henry
Regular Advisor

V2600 and a 12H


Just received a donation of 2 V2600's, and in the process of setting them up. Can one boot a V2600 off a 12H or is only a Jamaica (A3312A) and the internal disks (available on a few machines) supported. The reason that I asked is that I can see the drives on the 12H at the PROM/firmware (or whatever it is called), but when I try to install the OS it does not see the drives.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance.

Honored Contributor

Re: V2600 and a 12H

The 12H will need the following revision of firmware:

It can be found here:

The 12H has three different firmware images.
- one for an array that is not being used as a boot device
- one that is being used as a boot device, but is not attached to a V class
- One that is being used as a boot device and is attached to a V class.

You obviously need the last one. You will have to eother attach the array to another system or install and boot an OS to a local disk to install the firmware.

Here is the main site for this array regarding firmware:


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A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: V2600 and a 12H

I always prefer to use simple disks as boot devices but the 12H should work if you download and install the bootable firmware version although I have never used one on a V-box. You should note that that the host computer does not "see" individual disks but only LUN's that are configured. You have to use the 12H front panal (or the arraycfg command after you get hp-ux up) to create the LUN's. After the LUN's are created, the "disks" should be detected by the host.
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Fred Metcalf
Trusted Contributor

Re: V2600 and a 12H

Emil, I have the opinion that the V class and the 12H is a poor performance match. From 07/02 Configuration Guide - The V2600 can support PCI LVD Ultra2 SCSI HBA's with maximum bus transfer rate of 80 MB/s while the 12H only holds SE-SCSI disks (5 MB/s).
I think the 12H will slow down the V2600.
I suggest you get hold of some A5084A, the internal 18GB LVD disks. Other supported external devices are Model 20 (A3549A, A3550A) and the SC10 (A5272A).
Fred Metcalf
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Emil Henry
Regular Advisor

Re: V2600 and a 12H

Hi Fred!

Thanks for the insight. As you may have read this is a donation and we are pretty poor (our budget depends on how the CA state budget does), and our options are limited. At the moment I have a 12H and a few Jamaica available to use as boot deivces.