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VGA console on rp3410 server


VGA console on rp3410 server

One of our customer is having rp3410 server. and they have purchased vga card (AB551A).They want to install it on this server. but I read the docs for rp 3410. It says P/N A6150B is only supported by rp 3410 server. Is it possible to install this card? If it is then how should i configure the display to this card?

Thanks in Advance.
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Re: VGA console on rp3410 server

Some words about this:

The AB551A is supported on a rp3440 (only in slot 4), see the current manual chapter 4:


This VGA is used as an X-Terminal or X-Display or whatever you want to call it, but it is NOT the console:

"Console output is
only supported on the serial
console for systems with ATI
Radeon 7500 cards installed."

(same manual)

Hope this helps!

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