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What does the charcter code "^N"'s mean?

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What does the charcter code "^N"'s mean?

Hello all;
I had seen the character with in the file name,which seemd a character code on our customers workstation,which was HP9000/B2000.
"#ll |more"
-rw-rw-rw- 1 root sys 0 12 Mar 08:00 ^ND^Pri

What does the "^N"'s mean?

Strange character had been appeared when using "ll" command without "| more" on the directory which has "^ND^Pri".

* HP9000/B2000 HP-UX B11.00 CDE Japanese


Mark Grant
Honored Contributor

Re: What does the charcter code "^N"'s mean?

It probably doesn't mean anything. It looks like the file name contains character codes from a terminal setting. For example, if, in your environment there is an option to create a file and the user presses the backspace whilst typing the filename and if the backspace character hasn't been set correctly for that user, then the file name will end up containing ^H. ^N must be a code generated by your screens to do something.

As you are using a Japanese locale, I imagine the problem could be even more complicated. Check which user own these files and you'll probably have your culprit. Check the users "stty -a" setting and their "TERM" variable and the settings on their screen and make sure they are all OK.

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