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Workstation b2600


Workstation b2600

On display sometimes shows:
WRN 80F5:EXT IO IODC exec error

When I put search I can not see disks.

When I try boot it finish with:
Entry init -3

Thanks for help.

Michael Elleby III_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: Workstation b2600


Have you tried booting it from an alternate device by interrupting the process when you see the messages to do so after you have turned it on, load a cdrom into the drive, change your boot path and see if it will then boot up successfully?

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Tim Adamson_1
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Re: Workstation b2600


Check out the firmware level of the server and see if a more recent version is available. If so, update the firmware and try again.

Hope it helps!
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Re: Workstation b2600

Firmware is there 1.4.
I tried to put disk to another workstation and disk is OK. And too from another workstation to my.
So I think it will be mother board to replace.
If you have some idea ....
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Re: Workstation b2600

Can you tell if the drives are spinning up at all within the chassis? You may have trouble, but it is possible to kind of hear the drives from the back of the system. Another way to is power on the system and let it run for a while, and then power off and open up to see if the drives are warm or not.

Other than that, if the disks used to work in this system and now they dont (but do in other systems) then something has gone wrong with the controller or connectors. In the B2600 the system board contains pretty much all of it.

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Morten Pilekær
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Re: Workstation b2600

Please can you help me with version 1.3 FW of the firmware for B2600 ?
Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: Workstation b2600


Please open a new thread, add your question and your HPUX version.

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