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X Font Server keeps reseting

Darren Miller_4
Occasional Visitor

X Font Server keeps reseting

I can't work out why in the last six months our site X Font Server resets its self causing X Clients to crash out.

We are using ReflectionX 9 and 10 and recently we have been seeing messages in the syslog i.e.

Oct 2 13:34:06 viper8 FontServer[22374]: resetting

This then causes ReflectionX to go 100% CPU usage and crash out...

Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: X Font Server keeps reseting

Hi Darren,

Font server runs on port 7000 & the X11 server itself on port 6000+display number.
Could there be a problem with communication on these ports at the time it crashes?
Use netstat -a | grep 7000 when you're having trouble to see the connection states.

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Darren Miller_4
Occasional Visitor

Re: X Font Server keeps reseting

Only time will tell on that chap, thanks for the info.

I have increased some kernel perameters which should assist in stopping it from crashing, I think it was simply running out of usable processes but I dunno.

Perhaps the reboot did it good, so far it hasn't died.