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Thirumalai Ulaganathan
Occasional Advisor


How to check and see whether X-window is installed and running on HP-UX 11i?. Also wondering to know whether X-Window is default installed package that comes with a new rp7410 server with HP-UX 11i or it's a separate Product that we need to buy and install. I ask this question just because we are planning to install Oracle 9i with this new server. I have been informed that X-Window should be installed first and then only Oracle 9i should be able to install?. Plese let me know more info on this X-window/HP-UX 11i/rp7410 server. Your help in this is greatly appreciated.

Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: X-Window

The X-windows filesets are loaded by default when the OS is initially loaded. The product does not need to be purchased seperately. Yes, the X11/Xserver needs to be loaded prior to Oracle, it is a pre-requisite. Running the below command will tell you if the necessary filesets are loaded.

# swlist -l fileset | grep X11
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